Why Save Pets

The human passion to save animals in need is a strong emotion and is demonstrated daily by dedicated people across our nation. A great man once said, “The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. That man was Mahatma Gandhi.

As previously stated, the moral majority does not want to kill innocent animals whose only crime was becoming an unwanted pet. We also believe that the moral majority is the thrust of the current movement to stop unnecessary euthanasia of unwanted pets. This movement is not only facilitated through large organizations, such as the Humane Society, but it is also being accomplished at the local level, without any outside help or guidance. Case in point – somebody sees an animal in need and decides it is up to them to do the right thing and the human passion takes over.

There is an inherent human characteristic that compels us to care for animals. It may be a moral issue, an actual devotion or just “right” versus “wrong”. Even the hunters have dogs that they are the loyal stewards of.

So, if nobody “wants” to kill these animals, why is it happening 8 times a minute and how can we reduce it? There are four reasons right up front that create a “gap” between motivated, animal-savers and the animals that need to be saved:

1.  Awareness: The general public really doesn’t know the numbers.
2.  Education: If they knew what was happening, then they don’t know what to do.
3.  Resources: Now they know what to do, but where do they go – who’s there to help.
4.  Organization: Now they’ve done it once – they want to do more and on a larger scale.

Save America’s Pets will bridge this gap in a way that does not duplicate what other organizations are currently accomplishing. Instead our focus is to enhance and support their goals while achieving the Mission that Save America’s Pets was founded on.

As with many challenges, one solution does not solve all of the problems. With this in mind, Save America’s Pets will employ a variety of methods to significantly decrease the relinquishment of pets to animal shelters. Some of these methods will include: education (including animal behavior understanding and improvement), rescuing and pre-shelter adoption, but the main focus will be intervention. These and other methods are outlined in detail in the “Intervention” section of this Business Plan.

Save America’s Pets is moving to become a key resource for bringing together pet owners, trainers, groomers and vets to work toward a common goal of ending euthanasia due to owner relinquishment, to help in the quest for conquering cancer, and educating pet owners on the proper use of dog collars and leashes.


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