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Today 11,000 dogs and cats (on average) will be euthanized in the United States alone. That’s 458 every hour and about 8 every minute. There are arguments on both sides, but the bottom line is that if there was a solution that involved not having to kill so many animals, we believe that an overwhelming majority would choose to take that action.

So how does it come to this? Statistics show that approximately 30% of these are pets whose owners relinquished them to shelters and about 55% are animals picked up by animal control. The remaining are either pets born at a shelter, brought in to a shelter by people other than the owner (and did not know the owner) or some other means. It is safe to assume that at least half of the 55% of the animals picked up by animal control or brought in by somebody else were once somebody’s pet.

Besides the outrage of pet lovers around the world condemning this practice, the substantial monetary losses incurred every year to euthanize millions of animals are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

This information is not new and as a matter of fact the euthanasia numbers have dropped substantially since peaking in the 1970s; mostly due to a conscious effort to combat this on multiple fronts, which included legislation, education, research and intervention. Although great strides have been made it is now time to take it to the next level. It is time to combine what worked in the past with a new approach to solving a social problem – the overpopulation, relinquishment and subsequent euthanasia of America’s pets.

There are many organizations championing the causes of pet overpopulation and euthanasia and although much headway has been made over the last few decades, that is not our focus. Save America’s Pets has the people, the know-how and the plan to substantially affect 30-50% of the problem… and that is pet relinquishment.

Step one of Save America’s Pets plan is to research the areas where our Mission would mean the most and what methods would return the greatest outcomes and then create an action plan from those results. Step two would be to take this action plan from a national to a local level and effect change directly at the root of the problem and step three would be to create a synergistic environment where pet owners, pet breeders, animal trainers, shelters and veterinarians could work together to Save America’s Pets.


To significantly reduce the number of preventable pet deaths through intervention, training, animal behavior education and research.

  • Promote the understanding of animal behavior in an effort to enhance the animal-human bond.
  • Support the education of pet owners on the complete caring and understanding of pet ownership.
  • Champion a movement of people helping pets to live a long and healthy life.


Save America’s Pets, Inc. is a New Jersey Corporation, which was founded on April 23, 2008. All documents and applications were submitted for 501(c)(3) – Nonprofit Status on April 30, 2008. Corporate Headquarters are located in Margate, New Jersey. The official website is www.SaveAmericasPets.org. The company also owns www.SaveAmericasPets.com and www.SaveAmericasPets.net.


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